US Builds Sea Fence to Keep Out Migrant Workers from the South

This story is so preposterous, it's hard to believe it's true!  Leave it to the US government to be so creative (and expensive!) when it comes to violatingLA 169027.ME.1121.border-ocean.01.DPB.jpg individual rights!

From this LA Times article:

Pounding surf and corrosive sea air have stymied efforts for years to erect a sturdy fence at the westernmost edge of the U.S.- Mexico border.

Now, the U.S. Border Patrol is trying again, with a $4.3-million project that would extend a nearly quarter-mile barrier 300 feet into the Pacific Ocean and remake one of the more scenic spots on the border.

When completed early next year, a steel fence 18 feet tall will replace a teetering, gap-riddled barrier that did little to discourage people from crossing back and forth on a wide beach linking Tijuana and Imperial Beach.

I think my favorite part is at the very end though:

Longtime beachgoers think the agency better keep the warranty paperwork. Netza Tapia, 40, said he remembers the days when he would slip through the corroded section of the fence to continue his family walks on the Imperial Beach side of the beach. Jonathan Parra and his friends used to breach the wave-battered gaps regularly to play soccer on Imperial Beach's relatively empty stretch of sand.

The sea, Parra said, doesn't recognize borders. "The strength of the ocean will eventually knock the fence down," Parra said.

Hopefully, the strength of individuals fighting for their rights will eventually knock our current, immoral US government down too!

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