Woman Must Prove She's a Citizen, Yet Government Makes That Impossible

From StLToday.com:

Whorton arrived in the United States in April 1948, the 16-month-old child of a war bride married to an American who had served overseas and who raised Whorton as his daughter. Whorton's Austrian-born mother was naturalized in 1952 and her mother told Whorton that she had been as well.

Whorton said local Citizenship and Immigration officials denied her request to see the file, even though, she pointed out, they had allowed her to look at her birth father's immigration file and even gave her photographs from it. At that point, she said they denied ever giving her access to her father's file or photographs. She's still not certain why.

She said immigration officials told her that her mother's file did not clear up her citizenship status and that they could provide no further assistance.

So if you're brought into the US as an infant and the government won't allow you to view your parent's records, how in the world do they expect you to be able to prove your citizenship?! 

Leave it to government to harass a peaceful, productive member of society over something as arbitrary and silly as having to prove she's in this country legally.  If she's not violating anyone else's rights, leave her alone and let her live her life!

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