Chile Reaps the Benefits of Immigrants America Won't Let In

Here's a great story from Business Insider about immigrant-friendly Chile, and how they're reaping the economic benefits of a more open-immigrationchile policy.  From the article:

Like America of the past, Chile is a country that’s friendly to productive, responsible,  hard-working people. It’s very easy to obtain a residency visa and work permit– all you need is a work contract from just about any local company, and you’re entitled to what’s called a “sujeto a contrato” visa.

This particular visa is renewed after one year. After the second year of continuous employment, you’re entitled to permanent residency. Three years later, you can apply for naturalization and a Chilean passport, as long as you meet minimum time-in-country requirements.

Best of all, you don’t even need a lawyer. Compared to what I’ve seen in Europe and North America, the red tape involved in the Chilean immigration process is minimal; local companies in Chile have tremendous latitude in hiring foreign workers without the government getting involved.

At the very end, he includes a link to a beautiful video he made while traveling through Chile, so be sure to check that out too.

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