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It's tax season here at my office (ugh!) and combined with being halfway through my first pregnancy, I've had less time than normal for blogging.  The links are starting to pile up, so I'm doing yet another Quick Hits today.

Government Interference in the Economy:

E-Verify: Another Federal Assault On Freedom

US Immigration's 'Culture of Cruelty' Stretches from AZ to Massachusetts

After Immigration Crackdown, Farmers Mull Plantingdnbcch-nipomo11.jpg  NIPOMO, CA - 24JUNE06 - A crew of strawberry pickers is made up of indigenous Mixtec immigrants from Oaxaca, in southern Mexico.  Pictured:  Salomon Sarita Sanchez

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More Fallout From State Immigration Laws:

US (TX): Immigration laws impact more widespread

Alabama's Immigration Law Could Cost Billions Annually

Life Under Alabama’s Harsh Immigration Law: The state is driving out its illegal immigrants. Businesses want them back. Meet the men and women in the middle.

Judge delays decision on Utah's immigration law

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