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Brain Drain: If America doesn't want immigrants, other countries (such as Brazil and Chile) will take them, and prosper as a result!

Government-Created Black Markets: If the government didn't create these black markets, there'd be no incentive for criminals to commit these crimes.

NY Lawyer’s Immigration Fraud Scheme Netted Millions of Dollars, Prosecutors Say

A southern California flight school owner faces the loss of his two-year-old business, along with the Cessna 172 he rented to a well-known Capitalist Manifestocustomer. (Regarding human-smuggling.)

Couple get 18 months in prison for harboring illegal immigrants

Two Chicago brothers have been sentenced to federal prison for arranging sham marriages to enable foreign nationals to illegally become U.S. citizens.

America's immigration laws encourage the world's best and brightest to go elsewhere to be productive, while encouraging some Americans to turn to a life of crime.  The government needs to remove itself from this country's economy and let capitalism do what it does best; create prosperity and opportunity for those willing to legitimately seek it! 

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