Reason on Rand and Illegal Immigrants

Here's a great post on by Shikha Dalmia about illegal immigrant, Ayn Rand, and today's anti-immigrant Republicans.  Here's an excerpt: Ayn Rand

As a vehement anti-Bolshevist, she knew that she would die waiting in line if she applied for permission to permanently relocate to America, although that’s exactly what she intended to do. Temporary tourist visas were easier to land, but only for those who could prove they didn’t plan to settle here. So what did Rand do? She committed perjury. She convinced an American visa officer that she had a fianc√© waiting for her in Russia whom she intended to marry after a six-month visit with her relatives in Chicago.

However, others doubt that Uncle Sam would have handed a three-year extension to a Russian passport holder, raising suspicions that Rand might have been—gasp!—an illegal immigrant when she got married.

Read the rest of this great article, here.

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