Unintended Consequences

When a person is not virtuous, consistent and principled with their morals, it can eventually get them into a lot of trouble.  The same is true of governments.

The following articles provide good examples of what can happen when immoral laws are passed and enforced by our government.  Not only are such laws usually ineffective, but they usually cause far more harm than good, and in some cases, create life-threatening and nightmarish situations for individuals. 

Secure Communities Captured Over 3,000 U.S. Citizens Says Miami Immigration Lawyer

Stolen Babies? Immigrant Mother Loses Four Kids

Adoption Battle Over 5-Year Old Boy Pits Missouri Couple Vs. Illegal Immigrant

The Most Vile and Inhumane Immigration Story You Will Read This Week

Violating the rights of individuals is never an effective way to fight crime or enforce government policies.  Pragmatic thinking is to blame for these awful policies, and until Americans are more aware of The Menace of Pragmatism we will continue to suffer these unintended consequences of it.

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