Real Clear Markets Gets It Right!

Here's an awesome article from Bill Frezza over at Real Clear Markets about three huge immigration problems for America.  First, not the Labor Department, but the Department of Homeland Security (?) pressures employers to kick immigrant workers out onto the streets:

One would think that an employed illegal immigrant would be less of a security threat than an unemployed illegal immigrant. Apparently, that is not how the Obama administration sees it.

Then, the IRS encourages fraud and redistribution of wealthy by allowing immigrants to claim, without documentation, child care tax "refunds."

In 2001, illegal immigrants filed over 3 million tax returns, with over 70% of them claiming the additional child tax credit.

Has the federal government asked for any documentation supporting these claims? Nope. It is too busy hounding employers who want to give people jobs that might help keep them off the welfare rolls.

And finally, leftist activist organizations (such as the now-disgraced ACORN), have created such a backlash against voter ID programs, that anyone from non-citizens to a dog to a dead person are able to vote in this country.

Put the three to together and you have a federal policy that throws illegal immigrants out of work but not out of the country, rewards the ones who stay with welfare checks, and then makes it easy for them to illegally vote for politicians who promise to keep the checks flowing. What Machiavellian genius designed this scheme?

Mexican immigrants have traditionally come to the U.S. to work. These are precisely the people we want. An immigration policy that, instead, incentivizes immigrants to sit at home and collect government checks can only lead to a situation like that in Europe, where immigrants are not assimilating, and many are not working. No wonder, then, that the most popular sport in the banlieues of Paris is torching cars. Is this what we want?

At the end of the article, Frezza properly states that the US is a country of immigrants and by destroying our immigrant culture, we only corrupt ourselves. 

America is in desperate need of capitalism.  Capitalism is the answer to our economic concerns, immigration concerns and political concerns, and the sooner Americans realize that, the sooner we can vote in better politicians who can start moving us in that direction. 

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I like most of Bill Frezza's stuff on RCM and elsewhere. He's a very consistent defender of capitalism and individual rights.

Oh! I'm glad you commented, Paul! I failed to give you a hat tip for referring me to this article, so I'm doing so now. Thanks! =)

Thank for highlighting and sharing this very important article. I couldn't agree more that more capitalism [and open minds] is the prescription for what ails America

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