Russell Pearce's Neo-Nazi Buddy, Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide

It's not surprising that a man like Jason "J.T." Ready died in a violent fit of rage. Jason JT Ready There are consequences for people's actions, and when you live a life full of hate, those consequences can't be good.  From this FoxNews article:

Jason "J.T." Ready, a well-known anti-illegal immigrant extremist and white supremacist who was running for Pinal County sheriff in Arizona, is dead in an apparent murder-suicide after a shooting rampage which left four others dead, including a toddler, authorities said Wednesday.


Before his involvement with White supremacy became public, Ready was a prominent figure in Arizona's movement to crack down on illegal immigration. He was a member and spokesman for the Minutemen Project in 2005, a national anti-illegal immigration militia. He was a Maricopa County GOP Precinct Committee member, ran for Mesa City Council in 2006, and rubbed shoulders with Russell Pearce, author of SB 1070 and eventual president of the Arizona State Senate.


Ready told Talking Points Memo he respected the Democratic Party’s Jim Crow history, noting his admiration of Alabama segregationist Gov. George Wallace.

Ready also applauded President Barack Obama for sending more National Guard troops to the border and for deporting more immigrants than any president in history.

I think the world is a better place without Ready, but I'm very sorry he decided to take out an innocent woman and children with him.  What a sick, evil man.

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