Who Will Take Americans?

This article about Portuguese immigration is interesting.  Here's an excerpt:

Portuguese, facing high unemployment and their economy plagued by austerity, are flooding the shores of Angola and Mozambique.


It’s likely just a matter of time before some African countries limit their “green cards” to prevent European immigrants from stealing Angolan and Mozambican jobs. Undoubtedly, Africans will try to protect their cultural identities by banning Port Wine from their menus, for example. Immigration officials may soon be allowed to deny pregnant Portuguese women entry into Angola or Mozambique at their discretion to avert the birth of “anchor babies”.

Sound familiar?  And beware Americans, with immigration to America from Mexico at net zero, and with the Mexican economy improving, and with America moving closer and closer to socialism with each passing day, anti-immigrant types may soon find themselves on the other side of the immigration argument.

(H/T to BT)

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