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I'm less than three weeks from my due date. As you can imagine, I'm feeling tired and I'm more than ready to give birth. We're also very curious to see how our Czech-French-English-Irish-Mexican-American-and-whatever-else-is-mixed-in-there baby girl will look like!

Posting has been a little sparse lately and I suspect that will only get worse in the coming weeks, but once I return to work from maternity leave later this summer, I'm hoping things get back to normal, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some links that have been accumulating in my stack o' stuff:

Government Corruption: Former immigration agent sentenced in California for theft scheme

A former Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent was sentenced Friday to two years in prison for defrauding the government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal salary and benefits.

Government Policy Hurts the US Economy: Immigration Stalls As Opportunities Wane On U.S.-Mexican Border

As the economy boomed in the mid-2000s, many immigrants in southern California’s border country spurned field work in favor of construction and food-service jobs. Then they stopped coming to U.S. farms altogether.

Government-Created Black Markets: Two men accused of confining illegals without food, water

A federal grand jury has indicted two Mexican nationals on charges they confined dozens of illegal immigrants in houses along the South Texas border with Mexico, some locked inside without food or water for days.

Immigration Myths Busted: Just like us: Immigrants embrace 'distinctly American' values

Much of the fervor fueling the anti-immigration debate is shaped by the belief that immigrants—legal and otherwise—are somehow a threat to our national identity. Americans, some critics believe, venerate a set of ideals and attitudes that are distinctly American. But do immigrants honor these same values?

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