Team USA - Team of Immigrants

Here's a great story from NY Daily News about the US Olympic Team and how immigrants made up a huge part of it.  From the article:

Winning Olympic medals is nice for patriotic spirit and national prestige, but there’s a bigger point here that goes beyond the world of sports. It's easy to count medals and see how much immigrants have added to American athletics. The contributions in science, business, art, music and cuisine can be harder to quantify, but they are there, too. Close the immigration door tighter, as restrictionists recommend, and we’d have fewer Olympic medals, but also fewer scientific discoveries, fewer successful high-tech startups and fewer worldwide hit songs. Open it wider, and we’ll have more.


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I don't think its worth the crime. Look at the riots in the UK and France and all the black and Moslem crime against whites. Anon66

Europe has a problem with immigrants because of its welfare state and multiculturalism. In a capitalist society, immigrants would not have any incentive to behave the way the rioters in Europe do.

If you took away their welfare they would riot less?

For whatever problems Europe has their economies give these people more opportunities than they have at home and they still riot.

And more immigration means more multiculturalism.

People don't give up their culture when they cross a border. Group differences are real and may well have a genetic basis. Anon66

Yes. "If you build it, they will come." A country gets the immigrants it deserves. If you have a country/society that does not provide handouts, rewards hard work, honors the individual above all else, and protects individual rights, you don't get that kind of crap.

Even if what you say is true (and I think it unlikely to work out the way you think because of biological differences among groups) would you agree that Europe's immigration policy is throwing fuel in the fire? (Lets face it Europe is going to adopt free enterprise and the other things you mention soon.)

Should be "is not going "

Based on the elections in France and other troubled Euro nations, I don't think they're moving closer to capitalism. In fact, I believe they'll continue to move closer and closer to statism as they look for governments to "bail them out" and save them from all their problems. (Which of course, government cannot do.)

And what are these biological differences among people that you believe override their free will?

"Should be "is not going"... well, at least we agree on that!

Some groups have lower IQs and higher crime rates. There is good reason to think its in part genetic.

Males and females have free will; but there is obviously a biological component to the higher aggression in males. Anon66

I'd like to see your data on lower IQs. I'd agree that people who live in poverty are, generally, not as well educated and live in higher crime communities, but, as is demonstrated in the US over and over again, people can overcome that. (And one way to overcome that is by immigrating to a better place.)

Let's face it, the immigration problems in the US (and most of the rest of the world) are not problems of genetics. That's just ridiculous. It's quite obviously a problem of politics and philosophy, and that's what this blog is about.

Please feel free to read through the archives as I do no wish to rehash the entire blog here in these comments. I hope you'll find some new and enlightening ideas. (And just because governments and societies aren't necessarily willing to make any changes anytime soon, doesn't mean I won't continue fighting for the proper principles.)

Have you ever read The Bell Curve or The Global Bell Curve? Anon66

Yes. It's quoted by racists everywhere. I'm not interested. Thank you for your comments. Goodbye.

And the people who attack it the most are socialists. Anon66

LMAO! You obviously don't read my blog. I am anything but a socialist! I am a captialist, my ignorant friend. (Or perhaps it's just your genes making you so unenlightened?) =P

Someone obviously caught The Stupid. I wouldn't bother with them anymore, Kelly.

I'm done. =)

The problem with The Bell Curve and associated arguments is that they ignore the fact that variation among individuals within any ethnic group is far greater than any statistical differences that have been found between different ethnic groups.

Thank you!

I have read your blog and am generally familiar with objectivism.

My point is that if you want to point to some of the promoters of the bell curve than I can point to its critics. Historically it is the hard left that considers racial differences the result.of culture and environment.

I'm not sure what ks5s point is, even if true. That the white IQ is higher than the black IQ by a lot explains many things about their relative success whether or not the differences are largely genetic or not. Anon66

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