Straight Out of Atlas Shrugged

The worst drought since 1956 has ruined our nation's crops, and there aren’t enough migrant workers to harvest them anyway, so food prices are expected to rise.  The only question seems atlasshruggedto be, how high will they go?  Leave it to big government, unprincipled politicians, and their foolish policies to make an already-bad situation worse. 

If you haven’t already read Ayn Rand’s famous novel, Atlas Shrugged, you ought to check it out.  It’s amazing how well she predicted all that is going on now.

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Almost 40000 people gave up looking for work this month. Allow supply and demand to work and allow wages to adjust and we wouldnt need migrant labor.


Americans don't want farm jobs. Americans moved off the farm generations ago. Why not let someone who has no job or a lesser job take the farm jobs we don't want? Besides, in a free market, there'd be plenty of jobs for anyone that wants one...native or migrant.

Maybe they would work to put food on their table. I did farm work when I was younger and I have a professional job now.

There are 10s of millions who are unemployed and the largest group that have given up looking are the young who are capable of farm work.

When wages are allowed to adjust and the government doesn't subsidize unemploymen t everyone will have a job and all needed jobs will be filled.

For someone who claims to support capitalist economics you don't seem to understand the basics of supply and demand which applies to wages as well.


They are capable of farm work, but they're not taking the jobs. There are lots of articles out there about it, in several states. I've blogged about it here several times. These farmers are trying to hire anyone, not just migrants. The few Americans they've hired work for an hour or a day, then quit because the work is too hard.

I do understand supply and demand, and I agree the government should not be involved in the economy, but I don't think immigration, illegal or otherwise, is the problem.

My personal opinion is that Americans would be more willing to take farm work if they didn't have access to unemployment or welfare. But besides that point my understanding of farm work is it isn't as steady as an office job. Thats why farmers rely on migrant workers come harvest time.


Correct...they rely on migrants because that is who will do the work, for whatever reasons. I agree, the welfare state should be ended, and I advocate that on this blog.

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