Americans Don't Want Immigrants' Jobs

The following story comes from a friend of mine down in Texas. texas-with-texas-flag1

I heard a great story the other day and thought of you.

I was at [a grass sod farm in Texas] yesterday. While in the office paying for my grass, I started to talk to the managers about how busy it has been and how hard it has been to get workers. They explained that most of their workers are H2B Visas. I've looked into this program but not only is it expensive to get guys (starts at around $3,500 a head) you have to get a minimum of 7 guys and you don't save any money unless you get 25 or more. Anyways, I was asking them how it has been working out. They love the guys that they get, they are starting to get sons and grandsons of previous and current workers.

The best part, and the reason I write to you is, they were telling me about all the inspections they have to go through, and how much paperwork they have to do. One of the biggest requirements of the program is that the company HAS to do everything in their power to hire local workers. From ads in papers, to signs by the road. They laughed as they told me that every year, about 2 or 3 guys show up at the office and after they hear about the amount of hours, and the type of work, they just walk out.

They said something, I've been saying for years, "There is no unemployment problem in America, there's an unwillingness to work problem."

(H/T Aaron Arguien via Facebook)

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