"They're Taking Our Jobs"

A note from a friend:

I was listening to someone spouting the "They take American jobs" argument today... and I got to thinking.

If these people really believe there is such a thing as "American Jobs" as some sort of Platonic form that must be defended... then shouldn't also the existence of "State Jobs" be inferred? And what about "District Jobs", and "Neighborhood Jobs?" Since these people believe that there is such a thing as an "American Job" that the state must keep some filthy immigrant from taking (never mind that they never ask the question of how can someone take what you never had...)--- shouldn't the government also be making laws to prevent someone from another neighborhood from taking your job? Just like we don't allow immigrants from coming in and 'taking our jobs', the same principle would demand that we also not allow other Americans from coming in and 'taking our jobs'--- look at that, the concept implodes upon itself! One ends up with the realization that you can't have a job qualifier solely by nationality instead of ability ....if you are a rational person who has swallowed up the baloney, that is. If you're an irrational emotionalist, the only conclusion left is that, yes, people should not be allowed to move in order to take new job offers, because you're 'taking someone else's job' who may live in that neighborhood and MAY apply for it in the future--- even if they actually haven't.

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