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I don’t believe that people come to America to sit on their hands. The vast majority of America’s immigrants are hardworking, family-minded individuals with strong values. They are drawn here from many different places by a common belief that this is still the land of opportunity for those willing to work hard. 
Ruper Murdoch in his op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, which you can find here.

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I'd like to think that what Murdoch is saying is true, but I think the evidence tends to support the opposite. The largest group of immigrants are Hisapnics. 53 percent of Hispanic homes are headed by single parents, Hispanics have higher rates of high school dropout. Hispanics are more likely to be on welfare and not have health insurance. Sure many are fine people, but they are not inclined to vote for less government.

This is an interesting article on the values of immigrants.


I'm struck by the amount of resentment many immigrants have at the US even though its relative freedom gives them a much better chance than in the countries they came from.

-Steve James

Single parents, no high school degree, voting preferences, who cares? As long as they're not violating other people's rights, it's none of your business.

As far as welfare, deny welfare (and the associated taxes) to immigrants, then wean the rest of Americans off of it!

I don't even think all natural born Americans should have voting rights. While most people are kind and benevolent, both liberal and conservative politicians have done nothing for us. If our nation wants to redefine what it means to be a citizen or to have voting rights, that's a separate issue. It's not an issue that should keep peaceful people from coming here to work, and better their lives.

I'm surprised MORE immigrants don't resent us. We, as a nation, treat them like shit, steal their money, subject them to crime along the borders, etc. When it comes to immigration, we are a nation of jerks. And trust me, the immigrants are well aware that we're better than where they came from, that's why there here. That doesn't mean they should like the way many Americans treat them.

But the evidence I produced is that immigrants (and their children) are almost certainly likely to vote for bigger government. So yes it's my business if my money is stolen from me to support a permanent underclass.

Anyway, you say that you are surprised that "more immigrants don't resent us." Take a Mexican single mother. She comes to the US. The US doesn't deport her. Under US law her children (even if illegal) are entitled to free education on the taxpayer's dime. She and her children are entitled under US law to free emergency medical care, if not entire health care. If she has children in the US they are automatically entitled to US citizenship and thus affirmative action and welfare. The children can get preferential treatment over whites for jobs for example.

Now I realize that you don't support welfare, affirmative action and making everyone born her a citizen, but what are you going to do to repeal these programs?

-Steve James

Is it any wonder they vote for Democrats after the way Republicans treat them?! Even Cubans (and many other native-born Americans) are starting to vote for Democrats or not vote at all. The Republicans are acting like idiots. And if you think they're going to protect your rights, you're way off. Besides, your money is stolen from you by the government, not immigrants.

Education is not "free." Property taxes, lotteries, and other taxes pay for education, and immigrants certainly pay those taxes when they purchase homes, rent property, make purchases, etc. Many of them also pay federal income and social security taxes, although they'll likely never see a social security check in retirement. (So maybe you should thank them for padding your social security check.) All the "free" stuff you mentioned is a problem with our government, not immigrants. Again, deny them those services and excuse them of the related taxes too, then wean Americans off those services and taxes.

Your problem is our out of control government and immoral laws, not immigrants. I am doing what I can to fight the government. I write here (albeit not very much since having my baby), I politely disagree with others, when appropriate, and participate in activism as much as I can. I think if more people did that, we could make change. What are you doing to repeal these programs? Blaming immigrants certainly isn't helping anything.


I am not blaming immigrants. If I point out that Hispanics come from leftist countries and support big government, why don't you come with the statistics to show I'm wrong.

Would Hispanics vote for a political party that supports less government?

Why do you think the vast majority of Hispanics support Obamacare? Why do you think in 2012 they supported an initiative to raise sales taxes and taxes on the rich in California. Was it because it was the Republicans and immigration.

Why did Mexican Americans booh the American team and the US national Anthem in 201? Do you approve of this?

-Steve James


Say I told you I'd pay you to move to a town in the USA that is 100% percent White, or I'd pay you %150 to move to a town that is 100% Nigerian immigrants, where would you take me up on my offer?

-Steve James


Here is an article from National Review arguing that Hispanics vote Democratic not because of immigration, but because of there socio-economic status and their attitude toward government.


I'm not blaming immigrants. I'm just saying that there is a cost to society by allowing tens of millions of low skilled workers into the country. Here is an article on the cost immigrant heavy Fairfax county.


Under open immigration such as you advocate this would happen all over the country.

-Steve James

I'm not going to read Republican trash. As a native Houstonian and former Conservative Republican, I was against immigration for many years, so I've heard all their, usually unfounded, arguments. I used to make them myself. Again, the problem is with our government, not immigrants. A country gets the immigrants it deserves. "If you build it, they will come", for better or for worse. Again, I do not have the right to tell people who to hire, where to work, or where to live, as long as they're not violating my rights. I don't wish to debate you further as my thoughts on immigration are clearly published on this blog. If you have other questions for me, I suggest you check out the FAQ/Myths Busted section of the blog. Thank you for reading.

Really? Ann Coulter? =P

This is my experience exactly:

I used to be one of those who touted, “They just want a better life.” I long ago gave up that mentality as they have stolen millions from Americans. Illegals come into a major retailer where I work, buy carts full of groceries with WIC & Food Stamps, off to a money center sending thousands of dollars home every weekend! They hate us and are responsible for the sour taste in the mouth of millions of Americans!

Say the world had the immigration policy you advocate and Europe became Islamic and the US had the population of a 3d world country.

Would the world be a better place?

I know who you are, and you keep bringing that up all over my blog. I didn't buy it then, and I don't buy it now. You're a bigot. Goodbye.

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