America, Here are the Faces of your Drug and Immigration War

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I dont see why this is our fault. These people were hurt outside the USA.

They should apply to cone here legally.

Our country's immoral drug war has made war zones out of many Latin American countries, including Mexico. These people are trying to escape that mess, and we won't let them in. Applying legally is almost impossible for a poor Latino. Do you really think they'd rather risk life and limb, literally, than apply legally? You need to use your brain. =P

I dont agree with the war on drugs. However even under a liberal immigration policy people would have to apply in their home country so that a background check could be done and they be tested for contagious diseases.

Even without all the drug violence latin america has typically been a violent place.

Just look at the LAPD's most wanted list.

I don't see why it would be necessary for them to apply for anything in their home country. They could do all of that at our border. Our government would be responsible for making sure they're not a rights violator.

LA is not in Latin America, but most "criminals" in the US have that status because of our drug war anyway.

And I disagree with your assessment that Latinos are somehow more likely to become criminals. The vast majority of them are here to work and make their lives better, obviously.

I have a feeling you're the same "Anonymous" that is always commenting here. I am not sure what your purpose is, but you will not change my mind.

Why would we have screening at the border? It could take weeks to do the necessary backgriund checks.

Look the LA most wanted list and tell me that thwy are otherwise law abiding people who just got caught up in the drug war.

Because our government has a moral obligation to protect the rights of its people. It's their responsibility to make sure that immigrants are not criminals.

I am really not interested in Los Angeles' most wanted list. Those people are likely not law-abiding people. That's why they're on the most wanted list, but I think to use a short list to try and prove a bigger point about an entire race of people is stupid, at best. You're done here. Move along and troll somewhere else. We don't need your eugenics and bigotry here.

What type of screening would you have then? If someone shows up at the us border with papers allegedly from Honduras saying he doesnt have a criminal record that would be a good enough?

I dont see why you won't answer the question

Um, that's the first time you've asked that question. I answered your previous question.

As to what types of screening, I think a criminal background check and health check would be all that's necessary, but I'm sure there are people out there better qualified to decide that.

If it were found that in general criminal background checks from a country were not reliable would you allow people in?

Look you are the one who supports an immigration policy that would turn the us into a thord world country and europe islamic.

I dont think its too much to ask to be provided with a detailed policy on screening. For example the new york times reported that 70 percent of frances inmates are Muslims. is that something that could have been prevented with better screening? Or do you think that is anti Muslim propoganda?

Yes, that's exactly what I support. =P

Seriously, where'd you even get that? You're a racist troll. Stay away from my blog. Your comments will not be posted anymore.

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