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Im not on facebook but im still curious if Europe and Israel adkpted open immigration and became majority Islamic would the world be better or worse ?

"The more you look into the research, the more these objections fall away. Immigrants cause less crime than natives. . . . . They don’t love liberty less: they poll in as more libertarian. Indeed, every one of these and other claims in Trump’s immigration policy paper are patently wrong."

I'd like to see the evidence for these claims.

1. Take crime, for example, the idea that immigrants commit "less crime" than the natives has been refuted many times. The only reason people aren't aware of this is because the government doesn't want people to know this fact and doesn't have good statistics on it.

Here is a piece by Fox:

Here is the Hennepin (Minneapolis) county most wanted:

5 of the 6 appear to be immigrants and 2 Somalis (the Muslims that Obama is so keen on importing).

And you can't be unaware that crime in Europe is largely an immigrant phenomenon. Haven't you heard that the large majority of rapes in Sweden are by first or second generation immigrants? You don't know that half the inmates in Germany are foreign born? Why should the US experience be any different?

Also, we are getting large immigration from countries such as Honduras and Guatemala that have violent crime rates 10 times that of the US. Even if you assume that half the people coming here are fleeing crime, you still get a crime rate 5 times as high.

2. Immigrants poll more pro-liberty. Again, proof? Polls that have been done of Hispanics show they support higher taxes, gun control and Obamacare at higher rate than the natives, and particular native whites.

Here is an article from the (left wing) LA Times. 69% of Hispanics said that there should be free medical care for illegals as opposed to 48% of the rest of the population. (California) This is pro-liberty?

There was a poll (I can't find it) that 50% of Hispanics in the US say the USA is too supportive of Israel.

I realize you support open immigration as a philosophical position regardless of the consequences. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you've said that Europe and Israel should have open immigration even if they become Islamic, but I don't see how you can deny that the consequences thus far have been generally bad.

I mean do you think the stories about rapes in Sweden are racist lies? Are racist cops manipulating the most wanted pages to make criminals look disproportionately immigrant?

Why don't you do a story about Islamic immigration in Europe and show that all the people who are oppose it are wrong?

I didn't realize that this was a linked article from FEE. So, I checked out the claim that Hispanics are "more libertarian."

Well, it's true that Hispanics may be "libertarian" on lifestyle issues (homosexuality) and less like to support US involvement in foreign wars (generally good) the guy makes a very poor case that they aren't so enamored with big government. For example, they want to increase the minimum wage, increase gun control and have more government programs. He also ignores that Hispanics are strong supporters of affirmative action. One of the top goals of La Raza in California is to overturn California's ban on affirmative action.

To take a concrete issue, in 2014 in California there was a referendum to raise the sales tax and taxes on the rich. It passed only because of overwhelming Hispanic support.

You will not get me to accept any policy that advocates the violation of an individual's rights, so you may as well save yourself the time and quit writing your long, inaccurate, xenophobic, comments on my blog. Go start your own blog, troll.

This comment from a FB friend seems relevant here... "I am not fearful that any significant number of the refugees are dangerous. Many such diasporas in the past have resulted in the building strong, productive communities.

"The below article offers a view on how the Eastern European countries can possibly benefit from the in flux of working age immigrants as their own populations grow older and their younger working age population is on the decline.

"The Economist | Migrants and labour markets: More vacancies than visitors"

This comment from a FB friend seems relevant here... "I am not fearful that any significant number of the refugees are dangerous. Many such diasporas in the past have resulted in the building strong, productive communities.

>> But why do you think that Islamic immigration is like past immigration? Do you believe that stories about Muslim immigrants in Europe raping the natives at high rate are false?

Incidentally, if these immigrants are so great, then why aren't Israel and Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States letting them in? Israel has lots of experience with Muslims and if they are so great then they should allow hundreds of thousands in. And SA and the Gulf States should want their fellow co-religionists in.

Maybe they don't think hundreds of thousands of sexually frustrated men in their 20s will make their countries a better place.

Are there examples of Muslim immigration that you would point to as being a success?

Seriously, if you get your way and Israel and Europe have open immigration of Muslims that will result in a better way of life for people there?

If countries are having problems with religious extremists taking over, then those countries do not have moral governments that protect individual rights.

Are you saying that Europe can allow tens of millions of Muslims in and they will not create all the bad aspects of Islamic culture such as misogyny and child rape ? Do borders have a mystical property of repealing the law of identity when it comes to groups?

A moral government retricts Islamic immigration to protect its citizens. I can only imagine what ayn Rand would have thought about turning Israel Islamic in the name of individual freedom.

You can keep asking your questions, and putting words in my mouth, but you, once again, will not get me to advocate violating the rights of many because of the crimes of a few.

Do you support open immigration of muslims. Into Europe even if it results in Europe becoming majority Islamic?

( ). Yes. ( ). No

I support open immigration. I do not think any government should allow itself to become religious. You're talking about two different things, so it's not a yes or no question. Go away, troll.

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