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I thank galt for Trump. He doesn't want to bring the Muslim rapefest to the USA. How you can look at what's happening in Europe and want Islamic immigration here is beyond me.

Do you have children ? If you had a daughter would you want her to date a Muslim ? My sister dated a Muslim and he beat her. They are savages.


Oh, here comes paranoid anon again. Why do you come to this site if you hate it? You won't convince me that your paranoid, ignorant hatred is an excuse to violate individual rights. Shoo!

You must be the only person in the world who denies that Islam is misogynistic.

Muslims in fact brag about behavior you claim they don't commit.


I deny that all Muslims are misogynistic, yes. Yes, there are some Muslims that are radical and crazy and stupid, and people who violate the rights of others, or threaten to, should be treated accordingly. I never said otherwise. Goodbye.

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