About MoE

Our Mission Statement

Mother of Exiles advocates individual rights as they relate to immigration reform.

America was founded by immigrants on the principle of individual rights.  The Founders wrote that government should not interfere with a man's inalienable right to his own life or his pursuit of happiness.  Today in the United States, many Americans are all too quick to deny these rights to others, particularly if they are not American citizens.
The Mother of Exiles blog was created to make the moral and practical case for open immigration, as well as debunk the popular myths surrounding immigration.  We seek to provide rational Americans and members of the immigrant community with the intellectual ammunition they need to bring about real immigration reform.

Who We Are

Mother of Exiles was created by Kelly McNulty Valenzuela in the spring of 2010.  Kelly's passion for immigration reform developed after studying the philosophy of Objectivism when she realized that her own views on immigration reform were seriously flawed.  Kelly now understands the need for a principled, rational approach to immigration reform and hopes this website will enlighten others and change minds.  Kelly's husband, Santiago Valenzuela, is a regular contributor to Mother of Exiles, as well as a handful of other guest bloggers.

Kelly is originally from Houston, Texas, but moved to sunny, beautiful Colorado in 2006.  Kelly has been in financial services since 1995.  She's a gun enthusiast who loves to scrapbook, take pictures and explore Colorado with her husband and their dog.  Kelly and her husband are members of Front Range Objectivism and she is passionate about philosophy, politics and activism.

Her husband, Santiago J. Valenzuela, was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  He spent four years in Dallas, Texas, before moving to Denver in 2008.  Santiago owns a scrap metal recycling business in the Denver Technological Center area, where he and Kelly also live.  Santiago is passionate about guns and gun ownership rights, and would like to become a firearms instructor.

You may contact us at motheroexiles[at]gmail.com.